Meeting Madam Pomfrey - The Adopted Cat I Can't Live Without

Meeting Madam Pomfrey - The Adopted Cat I Can't Live Without

Guest Blogger, Seph Allcorn (@sephsra)

I love all animals. I’m the type of person who can’t go for a walk without personally greeting every dog I see and telling them how great they’re looking that day. So, when I moved out to an apartment I really missed having my pets around.

It was on my birthday a few months ago when I met my cat. I was recently single and feeling a tad lonely, so I went for a walk around my neighbourhood. I had heard that the local Petbarn helped foster RSPCA animals, so I dropped by to see if they had any in. It was there I met a very funny cat with big yellow eyes. She had been there for 2 weeks, and no one had shown much interest in her. I went to visit her every day that week to see if she’d been adopted, and when no one had I filled out the paperwork and she came straight home with me.

My family has this funny thing where every pet we own must be named after a Harry Potter character, so I called her Madam Pomfrey. Pom and I go on car rides together, she comes to work with me sometimes and sleeps right next to my head on a big fluffy bed.

It’s funny to think how much a pet changes your life, whether its the little funny things they do to make you laugh or the random acts of affection that make you smile. It’s just so nice coming home to her every day.

She has since chewed my lovely leather laptop case, ripped the leaves off my olive tree and regularly enjoys fishing toilet paper right out of the bowl. I’ll be honest, she’s a bit of a prick, but she’s my prick and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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