Pets are an essential part of our lives. They provide us with irreplaceable experiences and emotions, making our existence richer and more enjoyable. We truly believe that pets elevate our wellbeing simply through their power to provide unconditional love to us and in turn, we do the same for them - it's a bond that can't be replicated or replaced!

At The Companion Collective, our pet's come first. We are happiness creators, focussing on recapturing your best memories to be enjoyed by you and your closest friends and family for a lifetime. We are driven by a passion for expressing our love for our pets. 


Let us introduce ourselves! We are Andy and Hannah, Founders of The Companion Collective. Partners in life for over 5 years and now in business. Our brand was established in 2021, born from the amazing memories we have created with our two closest companions, our dogs Leo and Bonnie, and wanting to help others capture their own memories in a creative and fun way!

Our brand is a blend of creativity and community that is focused on showing our companion's how much they mean to us and how they positively contribute to our everyday lives - to entertain us, to support us and to love us. We do this by creating custom illustrated portraits that can be used as stylish and modern additions to your home or those closest to you.

The inspiration behind creating these beautiful portraits, is the idea of something that looks amazing but can also evoke deeper feelings of happiness, laughter and love, that will be experienced every time you look at them.

But what makes us unique? Not only do we believe in the power of our art, we also recognise how the world communicates today. We are a brand with a mission to build an engaged and collaborative pet loving community through our digital platforms to provide education, laughter and stories that will entertain and help as many individual's as possible. We encourage our community to express individuality through their portraits and share them, as that is what makes everyone unique and special!

These are the values that we set out with and that we believe are important in the world today.


Wellbeing looks different to everyone; for many, the happy and funny experiences they have everyday with their pets is both necessary and therapeutic.  

We believe in creating joyful memories and content that are personal to us but can also be shared to enhance someone else's mood and wellbeing.


Australian owned and Australian made. We are a proud Australian brand who also support local Australian business by utilising physical printing and framing services. 

Our portraits are printed with eco-friendly inks and framed with Australian made and sustainably sourced timber.