Follow our easy step by step guide to turn your companion into a beautiful and fun custom portrait! Make sure to share a photo or video of your awesome portrait with us via Instagram Facebook  or Email as we love to show off our Collective members!


  • Take a photo of your pet using your iPhone or Android.
    *Helpful tip - make sure the area you are taking the photo in is has natural light but is not too light or not too dark, as this can create lines across the face of your pet that are harder to illustrate.

  • For the best results, it's important to have your pet's eyes looking directly at the camera. This will ensure that the portrait is illustrated in a symmetrical way by our artist.

  • To do this, grab your pet's favourite treat or toy and get them to sit in an upright position facing you.

  • Hold the treat or toy directly above/as close to the camera lens as possible making sure the camera is facing your pet directly from the front, as this will ensure we can create the best possible portrait.

  • Tap the phone screen to focus on the middle of the face. Portrait mode on iPhone is also a useful tool to ensure focus on your pet.

  • Take a couple of photos and choose the best one that captures your pets awesome features.
    *Helpful tip - a smile or a tongue out always makes for a playful portrait. We also recommend to capture some of your pet's chest and shoulders.

  • We advise not to take the photo from an angle above your pet or from side on - however a side on profile can sometimes make for a good illustrated portrait.

    If you're unsure or need a hand with your photo please email us at or message us directly via social media, and we will assist you! 

Here are some good examples to try and replicate:


As we offer both Head & Shoulder and Full Body Pet and Person Portraits, please note that your photo must be one photo, with no main body parts cropped out. Please make sure both the Pet and Person's features are as defined and distinguishable as possible. If you are unsure if your photo is suitable, or message us directly via social media, and we will assist you!

Here are some good examples to try and replicate:



  • Now you've got your photo, it's time to choose your customisable options.

  • Simply choose the product you would like from our Poster Only or Framed Collections.

  • Drag & Drop or Upload your file into our Image Uploader. An example of your photo will be shown to make sure you have uploaded the correct one.

  • Enter your pet or pet's name/s.

  • Add any additional text you might like e.g. your pet's breed, his/her birthday or a quote. 
    *Note - this will be added underneath your pet's name on the portrait. 

  • Choose your portrait size. We offer A4, A3 and A2 portrait's.
    *Note - some products are only offered in A3 and A2 due to the size of the illustration. 

  • Choose your portrait background colour. We have 6 colours to choose from. 

  • Choose your frame colour (for Framed products only). We have 3 colours to choose from.
  • Add to Cart and Checkout!

If you need your order quickly, we offer an Express Service for $15.

Also be sure to add a Digital Copy of your portrait to your cart for $15. We will send you a Digital Copy of your portrait for you to keep and use for anything else you would like e.g. phone background, mugs and cups and clothing.

  • Our artist will create your personalised portrait and we will go through our in-house quality check to ensure your artwork is the best it can be and is up to our high standards.

  • Your portrait will then be printed on high quality premium 250gsm paper with eco-friendly inks and framed if you have ordered a framed product.

  • We will then ensure that we have completed a final quality check, before carefully packaging your order and shipping it directly to your designated address.

  • A tracking number will be also be sent to you as soon as it's available! 


  • Share a photo or a video of your pet and finished portrait with us via Instagram Facebook  or Email and the rest of The Collective Community for everyone to enjoy!

    We absolutely love seeing the happiness and joy that your artwork brings to you and those closest to you.