What Is Your Dog's Personality Type?

What Is Your Dog's Personality Type?

Just like us, our dogs are all different and unique in their own way. They possess personality traits that make them special and often provide us with endless entertainment. 

After being around a variety of dogs over the years, we have always had fun observing these quirky and funny traits and have broken down 5 of our favourite Dog Personality Types. Which one best describes your dog?!


THE STAGE 5 CLINGER – The Stage 5 Clinger is what we call “extra needy”. They crave physical affection, constantly follow you around the house (even follow you to the toilet), sleep pressed up against you in bed each night, smothers you in kisses when they see you and cries when you leave the house.

The Stage 5 Clinger is your companion for life and will never leave your side. Literally….


THE ULTIMATE CHILLER – There is not much that phases The Ultimate Chiller. Its favourite thing to do is sunbake in the garden and catch up on some well earnt rest. This dog enjoys its own time and space but is always down for a tummy scratch or a play. They are popular with all the dogs and owners at the park, and they are happy to go with the flow. They LOVE riding shotgun in the car, and you might even catch them with their head out of the window enjoying that cool breeze with a smile. They love company but are also independent and given the option, they will always choose to sleep in their own bed rather than with their owners.


THE NERVOUS WRECK – The Nervous Wreck’s ears prick right up at the sound of a pin dropping. They are often on edge waiting for what is going to happen next (sometimes with one eye open). This dog would choose a walk with its owner over the chaos of the dog park. They love physical affection, tummy scratches and being told that they are a good boy/girl. Bath time never goes down well with this dog.

You always want to put your arms around The Nervous Wreck and tell them how much you love them and that everything will be ok.


THE KING PIN - The leader, the boss. The King Pin rules the roost, or it least it thinks it does! At the dog park they make their presence felt by their actions or their bark. They are the class clown and centre of attention. At home, they love cuddles and attention, in fact if you stop with a tummy scratch before they are ready, they will let you know to continue with a flick of their paw or a straight up glare. The King Pin expects their food on time and makes sure they let everyone know they are the alpha.


THE SPACE CADET – The lights are on, but no one is home. This dog is extremely loving and affectionate is almost always seen with a happy and smiley face. They have their tongue out, panting proudly as they run around at the park without a care in the world, lost in their own world. The Space Cadet’s cheeky and playful nature is loved by everyone, and they often look off with the fairies. This dog has a short attention span and has weird but entertaining mannerisms that provide you with some of the greatness entertainment and memories.



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